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And the Curves Get Curvier…

I realize that my last post was merely an updated version of the one before it. I apologize. This time, I have an update on my journey. The mountain climbs higher, but I am still charging upwards.

As I mentioned, I was seeing my orthopedist yesterday. Long story short, I need to have surgery again. A piece of a disc in my lower back is rubbing against my sciatic nerve again. My doctor told me I could keep getting injections and going to physical therapy, but they would not fix the fact that the disc piece is still rubbing the nerve. In other words, I could spend the next six months trying injections and therapy and still be right where I am now. Surgery will fix the problem and I will be able to return to work within the same time frame as I was given for therapy.

I wish I could follow my dream without worrying, but I am not the only factor in the equation. While I can survive on next to nothing, my family deserves better than that. They did not sign-up to suffer while I peddled my writing. I still have to take care of them. So, I am not leaving my job despite the risk. I will keep writing and working toward publication. When I am making a steady income from writing that exceeds my income from my present job by at least half again, then I will leave it. Sometimes dreams need to be modified for us to realize them, but the important thing is to keep pushing to realize them.


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