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The Curve-ball


Life has a way of telling you things you don’t want to hear. Just when you think things are starting to go the way want them to, you get hit with something that turns your world on its head. Two years ago, I had surgery on my back to correct an injury that I had incurred 28 years before. After the surgery, everything seemed fine. I went back to work and life returned to semi-normalcy.

A week and a half ago, my back started hurting again. As the days went on, the pain got worse and worse until I could barley walk. I went to the doctor, was put on pain medication and muscle relaxers, got a new MRI, and finally wen to see a pain specialist. I was given a steroid injection in my spine with the hopes that the pain would calm down enough for me to go back to work. Then came the curve-ball.

The anesthesiologist informed me that if I went back to work immediately, I would most likely need to have surgery again. Further, even after having a second surgery, I would be risking irreparable damage to my back if I continued in my current profession. The doctor recommended I take six months out of work to give my back a chance to heal.

My reason for writing this post is not to complain. I am seeing this as an opportunity. I have been called to follow my dreams many times, but have balked because of my responsibility to my family and fear of failing. It would seem life is not giving me the luxury of excuses anymore. So, I have decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional writer in earnest. I have six months of opportunity and I will not fail. In six months, I hope to be producing and selling my work on a constant basis. I hope to be making enough money so that I will not have to return to the job that is slowly crippling me. Further, I will be doing something I love to do and being supremely successful at it.

When life throws us a curve-ball, we can choose to give up or keep swinging. Things may be difficult. Our lives may be turned upside down. We may think all hope is lost, but in reality, we are ready to launch. Our lives are all in how we look at them. We can wallow in our misery or, as my sister Red Harkonnen-Savan says, “…we can run up that mountain…”

Look at your life right now. Are you buried under and avalanche or are you soaring with the eagles? Your circumstances can change as easily as you change your mind. You just need to keep at it no matter what.

Never give up! Never surrender!


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