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Musings in the New Antiquity


A great deal has happened in a short amount of time. Since the 21st, I have experienced a personal rejuvenation and have seen the same in others. We of the Asaru Clan have been biding our time, hiding in plain sight, and walking through the dreams of sleeping humanity. This has been our way since the dawn of time, but that time has passed. Our NAMU TIAMAT has risen from her long sleep, dead but dreaming, and shattered the smoked glass of slumber. It is a time of Awakening, first for the Ancient Ones and then for the human race. There will be resistance, the waking dream is do real to most that they believe it is real, but it has been undone and will not come again. We have created this turn of events in a time without time, in a place that is no place. Remember the future to foresee the past as it unfolds in the present. What is old has replaced that which is new and once again the Ancient Ones rule the Earth! Hearken and Remember! More and more people awaken every day even as more and more succumb to the insanity of these times. Humans have wondered for years what form the Apocolypse would take and it is thus: some will cling to the illusion that has been taken from them and their minds will slowly be torn asunder. They will lash out and spill the blood of the innocent. These acts condemn them because they have written their own death sentences. There can be no forgiveness for one who chooses not to forgive. Each individual chooses his/her life and all the events of that life are the result of those choices. The wise accept responsibilty for their choices and change what is distasteful to them. The fools claim they are victims of circumstance. The only victims are those who choose to victimize themselves and they chose their own damnation before they were born. The innocent are in the hands of their ancestors among the Stars and Spaces. Their lives are guided by their choice to Walk in the way of the Powers. They are not victims, they are the ones who stood defiantly in the face of the victim and revealed the truth to the afflicted one. They are not gone and are among us once more. They stand ready to see the world revealed in all its glory and majesty. We are the Invisible, my Brothers and Sisters. We move events and see that the seeds we have planted beyond time come to bear in the phenomenal world. We gain no glory and very little recognition. We are often hated, but the Awakened will see us for what we are and those who sleep will see us not at all. We are the Ancient Ones and this world is ours!


Hail TIAMAT! May the Dead Rise and Smell the Incense!


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